Welcome to Heather Peacock and Nicholas McCaig

For Heather, pottery is imbued with the emotions of its creator. Days spent labouring over a piece, progressively transforming states unitl it is ready to be revealed to the world. Every piece is made to   carry her joy of the wilds woods, passion for clay and her spirit that will continue to be felt at every touch for the entire span of its life.

Nick’s interests have always been drwn to the beauty of glass and the way in which it can attract the eye. For Nick, there is beauty in the way color can make one feel, in the way light can transform a piece, and in the way optical distortions can play illusions on the beholder.  Always drawing inspoiration  from what draws his eye; the undulations of water, sunlight playing on the surface of a creek, the splashes of color in nature.


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