Beeswax Creations by Lynn

I have worked with beeswax since 1999. It has become my hobby,my obsession,my stress relief, and after I retire from the “real” world, I will work with beeswax for the rest of my useful life. I work with both rolled and poured pure beeswax,and sometimes combinations of the two. Candles,ornaments, and wall plaques are all things I enjoy doing, the more complicated and detailed the better.

A proud member of the International Guild of Candle Artisans for about ten years now, in more recent years I have also become  a member of the Candlemakers Network. For 10 or more years I have been doing various Craft Shows, mostly in New Brunswick. Over time  there have been many people wanting to see where and how I  work, so now they will get the chance. Believe me, when I wax a floor, I really wax a floor! I just get totally involved in what I am doing .

My favourite quote is “Everyday life can tear at one’s soul, art reminds us we still have one”.

One thought on “Beeswax Creations by Lynn

  1. Hi Lynn, I’m very amateur at making candles with beeswax. I made one the other day in an old coffee jar with melted down beeswax. The problem is that when it cools, it just keeps cracking.. how do I stop that? I was thinking of maybe trying putting some oil into the mix? What do you think?

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