Beeswax Creations by Lynn

I have worked with beeswax since 1999. It has become my hobby,my obsession,my stress relief, and after I retire from the “real” world, I will work with beeswax for the rest of my useful life. I work with both rolled and poured pure beeswax,and sometimes combinations of the two. Candles,ornaments, and wall plaques are all things I enjoy doing, the more complicated and detailed the better.

A proud member of the International Guild of Candle Artisans for about ten years now, in more recent years I have also become  a member of the Candlemakers Network. For 10 or more years I have been doing various Craft Shows, mostly in New Brunswick. Over time  there have been many people wanting to see where and how I  work, so now they will get the chance. Believe me, when I wax a floor, I really wax a floor! I just get totally involved in what I am doing .

My favourite quote is “Everyday life can tear at one’s soul, art reminds us we still have one”.

3 thoughts on “Beeswax Creations by Lynn

  1. Hi Lynn, I’m very amateur at making candles with beeswax. I made one the other day in an old coffee jar with melted down beeswax. The problem is that when it cools, it just keeps cracking.. how do I stop that? I was thinking of maybe trying putting some oil into the mix? What do you think?

  2. Joy

    Now that covid restrictions haveclifted i wondered if you will begin again to make candkes? Im interested in purchasing 50-100 tea lights. Im just running out of the ones i bought from you a couple of years ago. Joy 5066577049

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