New work from Carol Taylor…intriguing

At some point in my life I made a crowd scene and found it fascinating. I made plates with crowds scenes for a Claustrophobia show at 3rd Space curated by Mario Doucette from Moncton.
I used a mass of small figures and toy soldiers to do a series of work, one of which was shown at the UNB Art Center a few years ago. I dismantled two of them except the one that was exhibited and I always wanted to show them in different configurations because they tell a story depending on the way the group is put together. One person surrounded by people is different than one person with the crowd to one side…do you see what I mean?

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So this will be (perhaps) the final crowd scenes I do….small installation along  a rock wall somehwere.

The figures inside the containers? Well that because I’m secretive…so I’ve been told. I’ve thought up several series, one of large figures that are in my garden…what’s left of them…so this is my way of telling secrets….each pot will have one.

The child like figures with the small pyrimid are for the inside of containers…available during the KCST. The others are to go with a group of small figures I plan to install under overhanging rocks…on sitting on top…somewhere on roads between here and Sussex. This is so I can photograph them in sitsu.

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