New Work from Kathy Thornhill

These images were taken as part of the Photo A Day challenge.  I challenged myself to take a photograph a day for 365 days.  The purpose of this challenge was to push myself to a new level, to get some new images and to endeavour to be more artistic in my photography.  Images from the Photo  A Day challenge will be on display at the Sparrowhawk Gallery and gifts during the 2014 Kings County Studio Tour and the 2014 season!


Bringing in the Hay-  taken on the Kingston Peninsula, right across from my home in Long Reach.  Farming is still very active here on the Peninsula, and this image incorporates the lovely landscape and the activity of the farmer.



Granpa’s Tractor – taken on the Kingston Peninsula, and converted to sepia in Photoshop to give the feeling of age.

One thought on “New Work from Kathy Thornhill

  1. Dianna MacEachern

    Hi Kathy,
    I purchased one of your paper weights at the Kingston Market Nov,22 , with a covered bridge and tractor on it….. Can you tell where the covered bridge is????? It is a Christmas Gift and would love to be able to tell them,

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