Getting to know…Alice Whitney


Are you self taught or have attended an art school?

I did a BFA at Cornell Univ. graduating in 1959 (if you will cast your mind back! :>))

Who or what inspires you?

A number of artists – Edward Hopper for one. We just did a “Forgeries” show at the Sussex Art Gallery. I chose Chagall and Vermeer to copy. Fun!


How would you describe your style or process?

I am unashamedly a realist (despite the Chagall). I like to work figures into the scene somewhere. I seem to need humanity in the work.

Where may people find more of your work?

At the Sussex Artists’ Co-Op Gallery (12/14 Maple Ave., Sussex and also by calling me at home – 506 433-5523.

What are you currently working on?

Small watercolours of local traditional barns before they disappear. And a set of illustrations in pastel for a series of poems I wrote about mythological creatures.

What is your idea of a dream trip?

In 2008 we went with a daughter to Russia – Moscow and Saint Petersburg and spent time in museums in both cities, most especially the Hermitage in St. P. Last spring we went across the country by train and I painted little waterolours on the way. I would love to go to the southwest US, watercolours in hand..

What would you like to accomplish in the next three years?

Somehow, if the poems and the illustrations are satisfactory, I’d like to see them in book form.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Definitely chocolate.


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