Introducing… Jamie Brown

jamie and tree

Are you self taught or have attended an art school?

Self taught

Who or what inspires you?

Family, friends, and nature

photo 1

How would you describe your style or process?

Metal sculpting, showing the natural look and feel to steel

Where may people find more of your work?

My Facebook Page will let people know where and when they can find me.

Legacy lane Fiber mill in Sussex and The Store Earth in Sackville NB

What are you currently working on?

A garden railing and chandelier

What is your idea of a dream trip?

I would love to take a train across Canada.

What would you like to accomplish in the next three years?

I would like to have my shop and shop yard converted from an industrial place to a place inviting for the public to come and see my work

Book or Movie?

Movie unless reading to my children

Chocolate  or vanilla?

Chocolate unless it’s a French vanilla

photo 2





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