Getting to know… Nicholas McCaig


I began blowing glass in the traditional off-hand style at Haliburton School of the Arts. Since then I have been doing a different style of glass blowing which is called flamework or lampwork which I have learned primarily on my own with a bit of  advice and help from a few really good blowers in the beginning.

Light, water, and music in their infinite ephemeral arrangements have always been a source of inspiration. My body of work is the result of these natural inspirations united with the desire to create a magical object unto itself.

My process is a spiritual experience; its a transformation by fire of basic materials using my own kinetic and creative energy which results in a completely unique object that did not exist before that moment.


People can find a list of stores that carry my work on my website Also on the website there is an events page which has a list of the shows we sell our work at, this is the best time to view our work and you will have the biggest selection.

I am currently developing a line of natural themed pendants like Honeycombs and Leaf & Branch pieces. I am also developing a line of abstract implosion pieces using silver and gold. These are amazing pendants and spheres with beautiful intricate patterns and opals floating inside the glass.


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