Introducing…Alyson Brown

Alyson 2
Are you self taught or have attended an art school?
I went to the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and studied textiles there for three years.
Who or what inspires you?
Nature always inspires me, so does the textile craft in general. I’m also inspired by local artists who are working hard to make a living from their craft. 
How would you describe your style or process?
I love working with natural fibres and playing with different colour combinations. I enjoy the process of blending different fibres and making yarns designed for various purposes based on the different qualities that each natural fibre offers.   
Where may people find more of your work?
At Legacy Lane Fiber Mill (56 Vail Court, Sussex, NB)
What are you currently working on?
Weaving custom shawls for clients and processing lots of yarn. I’m also working on developing knitting patterns for Legacy Lane’s various yarns.
What is your idea of a dream trip?
Jumping on Ali Murphy’s imaginary bus and exploring the world with her. 
What would you like to accomplish in the next three years?
I want to help Legacy Lane grow its retail and wholesale ventres. I’d love to hand over more of the managing of this company and spend more time being creative and working on product development. Book or Movie?

Movies so I can knit at the same time.

Chocolate  or vanilla?


Alyson's weaving 

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