Getting to know…Helen Shideler


Are you self-taught or have attended an art school?

Primarily self-taught.  Although for years I took every available workshop.  I read continuously and am continuously observing everything around me.  I constantly research and experiment with new materials and techniques.  Sometimes I will adopt certain aspects but mostly I will experiment with a new technique and then find a way to incorporate them and make them my own.

Who or what inspires you?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. I love light and shadows.  Details and complexity. Colours.  Interesting shadows. I love the energy of inspired &  positive people.  I love engaging in lively conversations and thinking out loud, brainstorming, what ifs etc.

I admire artists who can keep it simple.  I have tried.  It is not me.


How would you describe your style or process?

Intricate, painterly, experimental, classic… My process is interesting.  As I am drawn to complex subjects, I usually take time up front to map out in my mind how I am going to approach the work.  Some times it may be a matter of just starting it.  Sometimes I stew over it for days or weeks until the approach is clear to me.  And then I am off painting deliberately.

Where may people find more of your work?

At my home studio and gallery Blooming Colours by appointment, my web site and at the Citadel Gallery on Charlotte Street in Saint John


What are you currently working on?

Several pieces from sunflowers to portraits to birds. Some Saint John scenes will be in the mix soon.

What is your idea of a dream trip?

Painting in Italy next year!  Attending plein air workshops in California, Africa and Alaska.  Maybe even teach on a cruise ship.  And  every chance to visit family in Vancouver!

What would you like to accomplish in the next three years?

Have the ability to earn enough from my work to travel to paint

Book or Movie?

Depends on the night.

Chocolate or vanilla?




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