Introducing – Jill Higgins

When did you start painting?

I started painting when I was little, I used to steal my Mother’s tole painting paints. I would go around the house and paint on any wooden surface I could get my hands on, and not get in trouble. I have always enjoyed art and continued taking art classes in highschool. When I start studying architecture in Halifax at Dalhousie, I took a night “Intro to Oil Painting” class at NASCAD with Heather Sayeau. She was such a fantastic teacher, her methods and progression really spoke to me. It made me move from working with acrylic and watercolour paints to oils.

Jill Higgins

Why do you paint?

When I took the class with Heather Sayeau it was during a really busy semester in architecture, it was a great way to relax and be a little more free with my artistic expression. I continued through the years using it as a type of release.

Architecture and Painting what is the biggest difference you find between them?

Most of the time when working on architecture projects there are always restraints; budgetary, client, municipal, etc. Painting for me is such a great way to remove all the restraints and just focus on what I am feeling in that moment.

Irving Nature Park No.1-24x36

What are your favourite subjects to paint?

I really enjoy landscapes, I’m especially drawn to our maritime vernacular and aesthetics. I find landscapes so beautiful and inspirational, I love the colour the light and my feelings while I’m in those spaces and try to capture those in my paintings.

Where do you Like to paint?

I really like to paint in situ, but with have two you kids and a very busy schedule I rarely get to paint outside. I do enjoy my studio space. We moved over a year ago and I finally have a space to call my own. It’s so much easier now, before I would have to take out all my tools and paints and set up. Now it’s always set up which means if I have 5 minutes, 10 minutes or a couple of hours I can put paint down on my canvas and relax.

After the Storm-18x24

What was Art Battle Like?

It was a great experience, it really made me push the boundaries of my painting. Having to complete a painting within 20 minutes in front of a large crowd was very difficult and scary. I am very happy I was able to participate in these events. After I won the New Brunswick finals I competed in the Nationals in Ottawa, and wow what a fantastic experience. All the painters were extremely talented, I was able to meet some very amazing people. I came in the top 6 at that event which allowed me to participate in the International Art Battle Competition at the PanAm Games in Toronto. It was such a great experience that I didn’t even know was possible when I started the Art Battle competitions. I meet some amazing artists from all over the world and hope to stay in contact with them.

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