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Alyson Brown was born and raised in the rural hamlet of Markhamville, New Brunswick.  As a child she spent most of her days roaming the fields of this lush valley, and adventuring throughout the hardwood ridge that surrounded it with her sister and childhood friends.
Alyson had a need to be creative.  Upon graduation from high school she felt it was time to explore this further. She attended NBCCD in Fredericton, and decided to take a hand spinning class.  From that moment on she knew her life would be in Textiles.  The correlation between her up bringing and the creativity within her seemed to flourish with this medium.  She had an understanding of the relationship between farming and fiber arts, which allowed her love for a way of life, and a creative world to merge.

After graduating from NBCCD Alyson and her sister Amy decided they would work at diversifying the family farm while staying true to their dream of supporting sustainable farming, all the while allowing Alyson to pursue her fibers arts career. During their research of the fiber industry they stumbled upon a plan for an exotic fiber processing mill and were instantly intrigued. It seemed to support exactly what the two had envisioned as careers, farming and fiber. For 8 years now, Legacy Lane has been operating as a custom mill for farms that raise fleece bearing livestock, with a client base that spreads across Canada and into the US. The continuous growth of the business includes the fiber processing mill, weaving studio, retail boutique and wholesale product lines.

Alyson now has fiber art, luxury yarns and hand woven blankets, shawls, scarves and rugs throughout Canada and US.  Offering hand weaving services for retail, wholesale as well as her existing fiber producer clientele.  Legacy Lane Fiber Mill has become the perfect match of lifestyle and art, while supporting a way of life and an art form that has existed for thousands of years.

Legacy Lane Fiber Mill’s Co-Owner, Operator and Production Manager, Alyson Brown, grew up in the tiny community of Markhamville, New Brunswick, just outside of Sussex. She studied textiles at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design where she learnt to knit, weave, spin and dye various animal fibers. These days Alyson is one of Legacy Lane’s key weavers, knitters, makers, and organizers. Alyson is happily married to metal sculptor and welder Jamie Brown, who has created the most fabulous chicken tractor for their brood of heritage breed hens. In her spare time she keeps her fingers busy with knitting needles and her pretty blue guitar. She is often spotted cheering for her three kids in hockey rinks all over New Brunswick while clad in the loveliest handmade items. To see some of Alyson’s creations and learn more about Legacy Lane, please visit their  website at

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Legacy Lane Fiber Mill
56 Vail Ct, Sussex NB


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