Donna Berry


I feel a painting is a success if it evokes an emotional response from the viewer.

Producing works of art has been a focal point in my life. I started creating as a preteen and continue today. I have painted in several genres but prefer realism. My choice of medium is oil because of its translucency.

I enjoy producing scenes of the beautiful Bay of Fundy Region whether it is beach stones, an old abandon automobile or a field of flowers it is all appealing to me.

I have also produced many portraits and am one of the qualified artists for the Senate in Ottawa.

I  find  it interesting applying  paint to canvas because when I am creating I am unsure what the results will be. Always a mystery until it is complete. My favorite colors are on the cool side of the color wheel.  Preferring blues to the warm shades. I find that the deep blues in the shadow system adds depth to the painting and  it also is the basis for the sunlit areas to really stand out.

I have instructed budding artist in my studio since 1991 although  at present I work mainly on my own.

My paintings have been sold locally, nationally and internationally.I have also won many awards for  my creations.

10 Parkdale Ave, Rothesay E2E 3P1, 849-2158 or 654-0267

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