Jamie Brown


jamie and tree

1130 Knightville Rd,  Studholm, NB E4G,  506-433-4735 cgiermindl@xplornet.ca
1130 Knightville Rd, Studholm, NB E4G,
cgiermindl@xplornet.ca – artist sponsor

The desire to be creative has always been a part of my life, as has steel.  In the last seven years my creativity and my knowledge of steel have merged and they love each other. It took some time to introduce the two. I experimented with a variety of mediums in the past but my creativity always found faults. After years of failed relationships with other materials, I began to wonder… will I ever find the right medium for my artistic expression?My father owns a welding shop, Valley Welding, where I now work. It serves local mines, mills, and farms . Growing up I was only exposed to the structural and practical abilities of steel. I did not take notice of its beauty….. I found it to be heavy, rigid and, quite honestly, dull.

During his free time my father was a naturalist, hiking the New Brunswick wilderness in an attempt to capture its splendor.  During that time he taught me to recognize the beauty that can be found in nature. My wife, Alyson Brown, is a fiber artist and has taught me the beauty in being natural with my creative endeavors. She has encouraged me to push my limits and take steel to a level that fulfills my desire to explore nature through form.

I love to manipulate steel and bring out the organic feel that it possesses. The contrast of flowing form and the rigidness of steel both challenges and intrigues me.  As I grow and learn as an artist I continue to challenge the boundaries of the material that has finally found me while also expanding the range of products and services that Valley Welding can offer its clients.

2 thoughts on “Jamie Brown

  1. Juanita Eustace

    Hi Jamie. I’m probably on the wrong site but hopefully this will reach you. We have a few of your smaller art pieces and I would really like to get a few unique items as well. Unfortunately I am under a bit of time chrunch with terminal cancer I love the coat hangers you created for Jessica Coleman- step daughter. One thing I’m looking for is a distraction for well covering for my husband. He paraglide so incorporating a wing , maybe with eagle and dragon flies (my favourite) would be nice. Then I’m looking for something unique for Jessica, and her two girls. A do you have time, interest, thoughts. I’d like to at least see Ed’s done

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