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Kathy will be working in her studio throughout the weekend and invites visitors to drop by. For Kathy, her studio is a place where she can let thoughts, imaginings and emotions go and flow into her work. Here she thinks, reflects, writes, draws, moulds clay and paints.
The Gallery will also include “hidden gems” by Kathy. In the Spring of 2015 Kathy had a pleasant surprise when ( after many years) a drawer in her studio, where she had placed bits and pieces of work, suddenly popped open! Inside she found many beautiful and long forgotten pen & ink drawings, sketches and small paintings on paper. Hidden gems!A group show “Awakenings Through Memories & Stories” in the Gallery, will highlight an incredible quilt just completed by Kathy & her long time friend Nella Opperman as well has many fabulous works by local artists and craftspeople. All the images on the quilt reflect objects, places and people through Kathy’s life that have special meaning for her and each tell a story or evoke a memory.

“My bio starts a long time ago on a farm in South Africa. It was beautiful and because it was so far away from a town my sister and I could not be sent to school. We both read from a very early age and there were always books about so that part of our ‘education’ was done, but the best part was our complete freedom each day to explore anything we wanted from building unsteady canoes to looking after sick chickens. Like all children we sucked our lives in and for me those early images and emotions became the basis for the person I have become.

The sadness of the beautiful country with its harsh laws for black Africans, the separateness both of us felt from other children, the rides we took on our crazy mules, the elaborate games we played, the beauty of my mother’s garden, watching the band of baboons who lived on the mountain which rose up from the bottom of our big field. All these memories have informed me and my work, I am forever grateful for them.”

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Art at Hooper Studios, 177 Kennebecasis River Road, Hampton and sits just behind Hooper Studios Gallery

Directions to Hooper Studios:

Take the Hampton main exit off the highway, down the hill, turn right past the RCMP station, follow Main Street through Hampton, turn left just past the Irving, cross the tracks, past the middle school, turn left on to Kennebecasis River Road at the flashing caution light, (top of the hill by the legion) drive a few minutes and see # 177 on the left side…long winding driveway up the hill to an older, yellow house.

Birds of a Feather”  (June 10th and June 11th)

Hooper Studios Gallery, 177 Kennebecasis River Rd, Hampton

In the Gallery(just upstairs from Sue’s studio) artists have flocked  together to  celebrate our feathered friends for a two day show and sale of works inspired by birds. Artists include Kathy Hooper, Sue Hooper, Philip Savage, Fred Harrison, Helen Shideler,  Mary Collier Fleet and many more! Liz Miller will be at the studio working and showing her lovely fibre art pieces. Wearable art!

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