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My first taste of pottery was as an escape, a way to get out of the house and have some time for myself. At the time I had three children all under the age of five. As my children started to head off to university I found myself eager to get back to pottery. I enjoy the feeling of the wet slippery clay between my fingers. The process of slapping a piece of clay on the wheel and coaxing it into a shape is a soothing and relaxing yet invigorating experience.

My pottery is constantly changing and evolving, most is functional although some pieces are purely whimsical. My functional forms are simple with subtle alterations, a little texturing and glazes that blend together seamlessly, pleasing both to the eye and the hand. It is designed to be used and enjoyed daily.  Because each piece is made by hand, no two are identical. This is due to the nature of the clay, the glaze and me leaving signs of the creative proceess like throwing lines and marks from tools or my fingers.

There is something special about things made of clay.  Each piece unique and imperfect, very much like our selves.

As someone arranges flowers in a vase, arranges food on a platter or wraps their hands around a warm coffee mug, I like to think that I have touched them in some way.



MJM POTTERY – Martha Millard

6 Goldie Court

Rothesay, NB

E2E 5J4


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