Thank you for your support

We want to thank everyone who came visiting our studios this past weekend.  We all were excited to see so many people out and about.  It is always a pleasure for us to share our studios, our work and share our stories with you.

A special thank you to all our sponsors.

We could not do this without your support!

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This is the KCST Weekend!


We are all looking forward to seeing you, sharing what we have been working on and showing our studios!!

Saturday & Sunday

October 13th and 14th


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We are all getting ready

Check out some of the new work from a few of this years participants

We have painters, jewellers, pottery, furniture maker, sculptures, fibre artists and metal. This year is shaping up to the largest studio tour ever!

Joe & Gudi Pach TerraBijou

“we love to travel around the globe and get always lots of inspirations by other cultures. It shows also in always changing design ideas.”

Bruce Gray

“Visual artist Bruce Gray will be opening his workshop studio to the public for the first time. Enjoy a striking collection of works and tour of workshop and works in progress”

Donna Berry

“I have a fascination with realistic works and this is reflected in the subjects I choose to paint. I am drawn to  scenes with a strong light and shadow system. And even more importantly for me is capturing a mood  and I achieve this by my choice of  hues and tonal values  selected from the color wheel.

Helen Shideler

“For me painting is a celebration of life and how light and color interact.  The real joy is in the challenge and complexity and getting it right. I constantly strive to hold myself to the highest standards. “

Mark the dates on your calendar Saturday and Sunday, June 10th & 11th

Getting to know – Fabiola Martinez

FabiWhat is your favourite time of day to work – are you an early bird or a night hawk?
I enjoy very much working during the night is so quiet…

What would your dream project be? If there were no restrictions with time or money, what would you create?
I would love to be part of an Artist-in-residence program in another continent.

What is the one tool of your trade you would not be able to do without?
My mind….

How do you recharge your creative juices?
I teach children and they recharge my creative process.

What would you do with a million dollars?
Mmmm… I think I will pay off my bills and take one year long backpacking trip around the world with my family.

What are you reading right now?
Raising Cain protecting the Emotional life of boys by Dan Kindlon

What kind of music do you like to listen to when you are creating?
I don’t usually listen music when I am creating I do enjoy very much listening stories so I hear audiobooks, documentaries, movies or series.

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?
Time traveler to be able to meet people in different historical times.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Tea or coffee?