Sponsor Information

We thank you for your interest in sponsoring the arts! We would not be able to open our studios for this event this without your support. We are 18 years proud!

We at the Kings County Studio Tour are preparing for our annual event this October 13th & 14th. Our success is due to the support of dedicated volunteers, community partners, and local businesses.  We request your consideration in becoming a sponsor.

Throughout the 18 years of the tour’s existence, we have opened our studios to showcase where the art is created.  Our priority is creating awareness of our ongoing contribution to the cultural fabric and economic well-being of the community.  In a relaxing and casual manner, people of all ages are given a glimpse into this mostly private part of our lives.   

By becoming a sponsor, your company will aid us in our marketing effort and will also gain exposure at the same time.  You will need to supply us with your website address and a high resolution logo (print quality, 1mg/300dpi or larger).  We will be strategically placing  full colour brochures as well as posters within the Saint John, Hampton, Sussex, Fredericton and Moncton areas. 

  • For a $150 donation, your business name/logo will be printed on the brochure. In addition, we’ll link to your website from either your logo or business name which will be located on the sponsor page of our website, www.kingscountystudiotour.com  and on the page of the artist you are sponsoring. 

Thanks to sponsorship from companies like yours, our annual event is aided in its ongoing success.  We hope to build on previous years’ successes by expanding our presence in the community as well as adding to our marketing campaign.  We are required to have all sponsors on board no later than August 15th. 

Upon request, an invoice will be issued.  Once you’ve decided to take advantage of our offer, please contact us either by email to kingscountystudiotour@gmail.com or the participating artist you are acquainted with.