Jewels of Nature by Sparrowhawk Photography


Artist Statement: “I have always been partial to macro photography; discovering the intricacies of the natural world in the smallest details.  No one creates jewels like Mother Nature.  The images in this exhibit endeavor to capture the wondrous jewels created by Mother Nature in the natural medium of water.”
Location: Rotunda Gallery,
Saint John Arts Centre
Time: January 18 to March 15, 2013

The Close of One Tour and the Start of Another!

Ahhh, the wind down pot luck supper for the participants of the 2012 Kings County Studio Tour.  Such a delicious array of salads, good food, veggie dishes and a spectacular strawberry rhubarb dessert.   We enjoyed catching up with each other and comparing notes.


What was the general feedback ?

What types of comments did you most hear?

How many people came through?

How many signs were stolen… really?  And yes it really happened. Not once but twice!  One artist actually chased down a person who removed a sign and kindly asked for it back

What did we do well?

What could we do better?


These last two questions were consensus building.  The amount of social media we used this year really helped with the visibility and marketing of the Studio Tour.  The posters are great but have a rather limited reach.  The flyers literally flew out of moist venues.  Our blog “Kings County Studio Tour” with links into Facebook really worked well.  Can you tell we think so? We are still at it.

What could we do better?  Well…the map on the web site. We need to tell visitors that if you click once it enlarges the  map – click twice it gets even bigger – click three times and well, it reverts back to its original size.

So, having said that, we hear you – this year we will print more brochures so participating studios have a handful on site for visitors needing them.  And clean up the map.

And have more member post on the blog with updates on their work etc.

What is next you ask?

We are thinking about two King’s County Studio Tour for 2013 – Spring and just maybe the Autumn Route – maybe with KCST friends participating!

Any suggestions or comments for us?  Let us know what you think – feedback is always appreciated.